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Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Nocellara [Nov 2022] (Italy)

Intensity: Medium

Nocellara [Nov 2022] (Italy)

The Sicilian Nocellara displays savory notes and a pleasant creamy mouth feel. Delayed pepperiness builds in the back of the throat signifying the healthy Oleocanthal content present in fresh oil. Flavor characteristics include savory herb, fennel, and floral notes with a peppery finish and lingering spicy mouth-feel.

Crush Date:  October 2022
Country of Origin:  Italy

*Biophenols:  307.6 ppm                     *FFA:  0.21
*Oleic Acid:  72.4                                   *Peroxide:  5.72
*DAGs:  92.1                                           *PPP:  <0.7
*Squalene:  7,883.9                                 
*A-Tocopherols:  217.9

*As measured at time of crush

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Size: 375 ml
Price: $16.95
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