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Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Favolosa [May 2022] (Chile)

Intensity: Robust


With flavor notes of savory arugula and creamy artichoke, this peppery extra virgin olive oil displays aromas of unripe pear and sweet cut grass.

Crush Date:  May 2022
Country of Origin:  Chile

Biophenols:  416.6 ppm                 FFA:  0.16 
Oleic Acid:  76.9                              Peroxide:  2.5
DAGs:  96.8                                      PPP:  <1.0
Squalene: 9,760.5
A-Tocopherols: 185.6

*As measured at time of crush

Suggested Pairings:
Any of our Dark or White Balsamics.
Any of our Gourmet Oils.

Suggested Recipes:

Size: 375 ml
Price: $16.95
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