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Premium Fused & Infused Olive Oils

Jalapeno Olive Oil

All Natural Fused Agrumato

Jalapeno Olive Oil

Both fruity and spicy, this oil is made by combining fresh green, early-harvest Frantoio olives with a large portion of FRESH Jalapeno peppers! At harvest, double the volume of peppers are used to maximize the flavor. These two fresh ingredients are simply crushed together and mixed in a malaxer which releases and combines the green essential oil of the fresh peppers with the olive oil. The resulting marriage boasts lingering spiciness, slightly bitter pleasing green vegetal notes, and a vibrant zing from capsaicin.


Adds a savory, tantalizing kick to salsas, marinades, soups, grilled foods, vegetables, and more!

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Size: 375 ml
Price: $17.95
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