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Premium Fused & Infused Olive Oils

Black Peppercorn Olive Oil

All Natural Infused

Black Peppercorn Olive Oil

This Madagascar Black Peppercorn infused with Extra Virgin Olive Oil is spicy and floral with notes of fresh ground peppercorn and has a lingering, tingly Szechuan peppercorn finish.


Great for marinades, dressings/vinaigrettes, sauteing, and serving over ice cream! Try it in a cream-based dish or in a salad for a nice peppery zing! It's also amazing on popcorn, with creamy pasta, and seafood!

* Made from fresh, ultra premium certified extra virgin olive oil from our collection, which is blended in small, artisan batches with 100% natural flavor.
* No artificial flavors, colors, or additional ingredients.
* Soy and Dairy-Free; Vegan.

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Size: 375 ml
Price: $17.95
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